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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date (if you need to postpone)

The pandemic has, unfortunately, lead to the cancellations of significant life events. Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and the list goes on. Happy couples have been forced to delay their weddings and newlywed lives as well. 

There are still many ways you can celebrate your love even with a postponed wedding date. 

While it may be disappointing at the moment, trying to spin things in a positive way can help us cope in these uncertain times.

Check out the list below for alternative ways to celebrate your postponed wedding:

Make a “quarantine-themed” wedding video.

Since you can’t hold a ceremony anytime soon, you might as well prepare extra content for your actual wedding. If you and your partner already live together, you can create vlogs that show your daily life in quarantine. For couples who are apart, you can make vlogs on what it’s like to be away from the love of your life. This would make a sweet and entertaining video to show your guests at your wedding reception. 

Hold a charity event.

If you and your partner love to give back, this might be a great way to start your life as a married couple. It’s no secret that this is a difficult time for everyone. Collecting donations or volunteering to people in need during this time would be a meaningful way to commemorate your love.

Some possible initiatives would be to distribute meals to front-liners and communities in need or make face masks and PPEs. You can get your friends and family involved too!

Recreate your first date.

While it may not possible to recreate your first date exactly, you can still make the best of it. If your first date was dinner and a movie, this should be a piece of cake. Cook a homemade meal, pop a movie on Netflix, and you’re done! On the other hand, if you went to a concert on your first date, things might be trickier. In this case, you could either serenade your partner or play concert footage of the band on TV. It’s definitely possible! All you need is to be creative, improvise, and think outside the box.

Take on a DIY project.

A fun DIY project is a perfect activity to destress and take care of your well-being. This project could be baking desserts from scratch or creating a personalised gift for your partner. You could also make your own furniture or decorations for your future home, so you can have something to look forward to. 

Although things might be strange and uneasy now, it’s important to still show your love and appreciation for each other. You should not think of this as a setback to your plans. Since you’re going to spend your lives together anyway, there’s no need to rush! Enjoy your time together as an engaged couple for just a little longer. Use this as an opportunity to get even more excited about your wedding.

Host a ceremony at home. 

Even if you postponed your church ceremony, you can still consider getting married legally if you already have your marriage license. You can invite an officiant willing to host an at-home ceremony. Then when things are clearer, you can do your traditional church wedding and have a reception with your family and friends again. 

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